Manufactured in the United States in Anaheim, CA 
APX paintballs are American made.

HPC is a APX Dealer. That means we get dealer pricing
and can pass those saving to you!
I buy our paint direct from Bobby Aviles on the Los Angeles Ironmen
so you know its legit.
We have been shooting Apx for almost a year and we love it.
 If you would like to go in on a palet and make practice wayyyyy cheeper feel free to contact me.      
Currently we carry:

  • Fyre Competition is the highest quality ball available in the United States and made by a United States manufacturer, APX. Our Fyre Paintball has been featured in regional and National Tournaments and is shot be elite professional teams across the country. Its most noticeable features include a swirl shell, ultra bright fill, and pinpoint accuracy. When every shot counts, Fyre is your only choice.

  • Agro Pro is a breakthrough paintball introduced by APX for the tournament player. Agro Pro paintballs can be found on most tournament and practice fields throughout the country. With a metallic seamless shell, this .68 caliber paintball provides an accurate shot. Whether you’re shooting a lane in anticipation or running and gunning our Agro Pro paintball is for you. A vibrant fill ensures that your confirmed hits don’t go unnoticed by both your opponent and the referee. At APX Play we believe that practice makes perfect. As such we believe that it only make sense to practice for tournament paintball with the best possible ball that not only meets your practice goals, but exceeds them. If you’re looking for professional grade practice paint or a high level recreational paintball, think Agro Pro by APX Paint.
  •  Dark Ops paintball builds upon our Basics Ops platform. This paint round was introduced for the purpose of serving the needs of the advanced and experienced recreational and scenario paintball player. Dark Ops special formula provides a tactical camouflaged paintball shell that your opponent will not see coming. In other words, this paintball is the perfect paint for playing in the woods. If you’re looking to build or complete your scenario paintball or woodsball kit, look no further than a Dark Ops paintball from APX Paint. It is perfect for the player that demands dependability, consistency, and a paintball that will mark well. If you find yourself alone and without backup, know that our Dark Ops camouflage paintball has you covered.